// UX Studio Practices // Week 2 & 3 — The UX of Conversation

Observation Research — A.E.I.O.U

  1. Staffs is acting differently from their inner thoughts to customers; and
  2. There are difficulties in identifying customers’ needs and expectation (whether they want staff approach to them or not)
Observation notes in AEIOU format
AEIOU Observation in Apple Store
AEIOU Observation in Boots


Storyboard drawn by my group mates
Storyboard drawn by me

Tutorial & Comments


We wrote down things that people made decision of in their lives

Discovery from Daily Routine Exercise

Decision makings in our daily routine

Speed Dating

Choice making scenarios
Speeding Dating scenarios of choice making
Testing ideas with other people (I’m taking photos behind the scenes)


System diagram between human and machine
Drafting how the machine facilitates conversation between human and their rational mind
Testing idea with other people

Open Discussion






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