Mid-point Review with TTC



Tutorials — Struggles


  • Voice recording
  • Video taping
  • Photos
  • Drawing
  • Diary
  • Schedule
  • WhatApp/ Text message
  • Facebook/ Instagram/ Snapchat post
  • Phone call
  • Verbal conversation
  • Receipt

More Research


Self-tracking Principles

  1. Private (for one’s own purposes only)
  2. Communal (sharing data with other self-trackers)
  3. Pushed (encouraged by others)
  4. Imposed (foisted upon people)
  5. Exploited (where people’s personal data are repurposed for the use of others)

Security & Motivation

Diary Elements

New Design Concept — Applying Diary to Self-tracking



  • Allows people to keep control of the information they want to share
  • Information is only collected when people share it
  • If Diaries are kept by the family, they could re-connect old and young generations, which is an opportunity to help people’s loneliness


  • It still relies on the government posting the location data of Coronavirus patients
  • There needs to be a link to technology in order for this system to work. It can’t purely be analogue.
  • Relies on people sharing their diaries with each other

Diary Template

A daily and weekly template that I created
Weekly template created by Nancy

Experiment 1 —How people keep their diaries?

Experiment 2 — Self Tracking & Diary Entry

Potential Problem:






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