Brief: Engage a diverse audience on the theme of species loss
Performance Team: Amber Lau, Sanjana Dhanakoti, Ana Sousa, Jiayi Zeng
Media Team: Amber Lau, Tonicha Child, Pat Wingyoopongphun, Jason Xiong, Shuyi Xu
Art Team: Riezan Haddad, Masa Planinc, Carol Chen, Kaiyang Wang

Final Presentation

Since our final outcome has combined into one, we decided to do the final presentation as a team. So rather letting everyone to speak like a classroom base presentation, we thought sending out representatives would make it more like a team presentation.

Final presentation set up
Funeral performance
Fake news report


As XR already know our idea from the previous week, they didn’t have a lot of comments this time. They were impressed with the works we have done so far , and really like the idea that the outcome of each team did tie back together at the end. It made the whole campaign huge and really engaged with diverse audience across various mediums.


Through this project, I got to explore various ways to deliver the urgency of global issues through different mediums. Sometimes we often imagine the ideal picture of the end results, but when it comes to reality, it always contains a lot of uncertainty. I learnt that we would never be able to have a complete preparation to the unpredictables, but through the exploration, I got to experience how our ideas could turn out in real life.