Brief: Engage a diverse audience on the theme of species loss
Performance Team: Amber Lau, Sanjana Dhanakoti, Ana Sousa, Jiayi Zeng
Media Team: Amber Lau, Tonicha Child, Pat Wingyoopongphun, Jason Xiong, Shuyi Xu
Art Team: Riezan Haddad, Masa Planinc, Carol Chen, Kaiyang Wang

Team Media— Review Feedback and Planning

Summarised the comments from last time, we knew that the fakes news content with humour tone is a great direction. As for improvement, we can give it a try and do some filming on the street as well.

Our team had a discussion with news content about the final outcome. We thought we could mix and combine several scenes together. From our previous storyboard, we had some ideas on animal extinction, food shortage and medicine production. We thought we could include include contents like this as a global news, then do some outdoor filming with the performance team, as well as getting the public response, and have the studio reporter to tie all news together.

Once everyone agreed with the flow, we planned with a schedule and booked rooms for filming global news and studio reporting. Everything was very clear, everyone understood the plan, and the schedule didn’t contradicts my schedule with the performance team.

Team Media — Filming (Supermarket)

Since we didn’t have a lot time to collect all footage in various places, I suggested everyone to go to their nearby supermarket or pharmacy on our own and get some footage instead. This way, we didn’t have to wait for everyone’s availability just to get some the same shot. If we need a reporter, we can always find another day to go back to do some pickup shots.

I went to a local discount supermarket near my place and record some food shortage scene such as milk, vegetables, and fresh meat.

Team Media — Filming (ZSL London Zoo)

Our team also selected a day and went to ZSL London Zoo and took some outdoor footage of the animals, and scenes of the reporter interviewing the animals. Originally, our main target was to find animals that appeared in the animated movies such as sloth, gorilla, lion etc (to tie our ideas together), however we found some animals were very hard to film due to angel, fences, or lighting. Therefore we decided to ignore the animal type and take as much footage as we can. With this, it also open more possibilities to us as well.

While filming, I noticed there are a lot of animals in the zoo are endangered. This also made me reflect whether building a zoo for public is a right thing. These animals were forced to leave their animal natural habitat just to bring entertainment to human…

Endangered animals in the zoo

On the other hand, we also encountered some funny moments while filming with the animals. Most of the times, the animals were either sleeping or eating. When we found the ones who weren’t, they would turn or fly away from us during filming. There were a lot of laughter in the process, and I enjoyed it a lot!

Team Media — Filming (Studio)

On Friday, we booked a studio in LCC to film the global reporting news related to climate change. The aim of the shots was to show climate problems are affecting the world as a whole (just like how everyone are experiencing the coronavirus right now).

Our idea was to have different reporters reporting news with their own language. I am glad that our class has people with different nationalities. I am also thankful that they were willing to give us a hand and help us with the filming. This actually reminded me of the UX of Consciousness project that I did — our bee army were working together as one!

Recording global news with different language

In terms of the script, the script for each language was customised according the country. Each of us did some research on new reporting to get an idea on the language used, and tone of voice. One thing I realised with from humour ones was that the reporter would act very seriously, but say something that didn’t make sense. For people who listens, it would take one to seconds to understand the joke.

Aside from that, I also found acting hard. I was one of the reporters for the global news, and I needed to pretend no one was watching to act the “natural reporter face” in front of the camera. As someone who doesn’t like being stared at or being the focus, it took me several times to record a footage without error.


Working with the news team and performance team gave me two different feeling. In the performance team, I was always conscious to get everyone together and reply to the group; but in the news team most people are self motivated, we were able to accomplish things easily and back each other up. Even there were times I need to work on things that I wasn’t familiar with, but I still enjoyed the whole process of trying something new and learn from each other.