Brief: Engage a diverse audience on the theme of species loss
Members: Amber Lau, Masa Planinc, Sanjana Dhanakoti, Carol Chen

Collaborative Partner & Grouping

Collaborative Partner
On the first week of Term 2 MA UX Design, our tutor have assigned us the groupings and collaborative partner for this term. I was put in group of four and work with Extinction Rebellion (XR).

Project Discussion (Small group)

Before having discussion with the big group, our team had a little discussion about the topic of extinction. We mentioned about types of species loss: plants, animals; causes and effects, human hierarchy of needs, and food chain etc.

A news that was once a hot topic globally

Project Discussion (Big group)

During the big group discussion, everyone shared what they’ve discussed within their original team and their ideas for this project. We divided the key points into 3 perspectives, including: Direction, Ideas, and Experience, and we’ve written them down to a large paper.

“Direction”, “Ideas”, and “Experience” towards the topic of 6th Mass Extinction
Research on impacts of pollution on animals
Protest about the Australia fires from XR (Instagram post by extinctionrebellion)


This is my first time working with group of twelve people. Although the discussion went well, and everyone did get a chance to speak , I still found there’s something missing. We seemed to have a direction, but not everyone plays a key role on certain things. At some point I wasn’t sure what I have to research about because the topic is too board. I think it could have been better if we have divided the parts clearer before we dismiss, but that’s certainly a new experience working with a large group of people.


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